Book Release Celebration and live retelling

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The new book, Red Star and Blue Star Defeat Spexman by Randy Lewis - K'ayaxan and Bill Layman, weaves a number of Mid-Columbia landmarks together. The story takes place at a critical moment in the time before humans inhabited the land. The twins Red Star and Blue Star, born at the confluence of the Wenatchee and Columbia rivers, are whisked away to a cave in Moses Coulee where they receive their šúmáx (Spirit Power). Upon emerging from the cave Coyote charges the twins with the daunting task of confronting and slaying Spexman, a dreaded water monster who devoured all who would come downriver. The boys rise to the occasion, but not before experiencing the full wrath of the monster. Their valor makes the world safe for future beings to come. 

Randy Lewis speaks with spell-binding authority. Listening to the cadence of his voice, watching his two hands illustrate the words he speaks, his unexpectedly breaking out into an ancient prayer – all transports his audiences into a world of great consequence. Books will be available for $15.00.  Book signing to follow.