Our Shoreline's Future

Our Shoreline's Future Final Vision Report

June 2011 Update: Under the leadership of Eliot Scull and Mike Scott, a  diverse, committed group of twelve community members representing agriculture, developers, and the conservation community met weekly for the past six months to develop a practical approach that meets the needs of the community and addresses the State Department of Transportation's intent to surplus the land surrounding the eastside of the Loop Trail. The "Our Shoreline's Future-an opportunity to do it right" group has come to consensus on their recommendations and presented their vision report to the Douglas County Commissioners and the Mayor and City Council of East Wenatchee in June, 2011. The report was also shared with the regional office of the Washington State Department of Transportation,  the Chelan County PUD, Senator Linda Evans Parlette, Representative Mike Armstrong and Representative Cary Condotta.

The City of East Wenatchee and Douglas County plan to meet to discuss this, in preparation for making a formal recommendation to the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Background: In January 2011 the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust initiated an effort to develop recommendations to the City of East Wenatchee, Douglas County, and the State Department of Transportation for the east side of the Apple Capital Loop trail and adjacent lands. Eliot Scull is working for CDLT to convene a group of East Wenatchee citizens of diverse views to help the County and City with a plan that preserves the unique character of the trail and surrounding lands and reflects the community’s desires for this critical piece of property. The plan includes recommendations for the amount and location of appropriate developments, conservation of lands that should be kept in open space and preservation of the trail and its surrounding natural areas.

This effort will build on the extensive community input of the last year, as well as the very significant efforts of many citizens over the past decades in establishing the Loop Trail and the corridor of open space that surrounds it. The Land Trust is well aware of the commitment and passion of the larger community related to the trail and it’s surrounds.

Eliot Scull has a long history both with the Land Trust and with the development of the trail, and has had considerable experience dealing with conservation and trail issues in the Wenatchee/East Wenatchee area. He is a State Park Commissioner, a former founding Board member of the Land Trust and has been active across the state on park and recreation issues.

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